Things to Keep in Mind When Considering an Epoxy Floor:

No concrete slab is perfect. Concrete surfaces are uneven, and have numerous imperfections and defects. These include peaks and valleys, improper slopes, trowel marks, uneven and unfinished edges, chips, divots, etc.

The epoxy coatings applied will adhere, and conform to the surface as the curing process takes place.

If you wish to address these issues, or have specific goals to be obtained there are several different coatings available that may be used. These issues and goals must be discussed at the time of the contract agreement, and clearly defined.

No epoxy coating will be 100% smooth throughout. The temperature of the concrete slab will vary throughout the surface. This may affect the drying, and curing of the epoxies. This could result in a smooth surface in some areas, but not so smooth in others. There are self-leveling epoxies that aid in giving a consistent, smooth surface.

If that is your goal this needs to be addressed clearly at the time of the contract agreement.

Some concrete slabs are not properly finished. This may leave pin size holes in the concrete that could cause air bubbles in the coating during application. These normally pop on their own, and may highlight the pin hole. This is due to the finish of the concrete, and not a defect with the epoxy coatings.

Normal use that results in excessive wear to the coating may require re-application in high traffic areas every 2 years or so to maintain the gloss sheen. This is not considered warranty work, and would result in an additional charge. Certain coatings may become slick when liquids are on the surface. These liquids could be from rain water, spilled drinks, etc.

If this will be a concern we offer a variety of Anti-Slip Coating options.

Color Tints may vary slightly from samples, or pictures. Factors that may affect the tinting process include temperature, humidity, and different batches of colors. Matching existing coatings’ colors exactly is almost impossible. Concrete and air temperatures, and humidity will vary at the time of the applications. The exact same product applied on a different date from the existing coating will result in a slightly different shade.

Some performance tires have a softer compound in the tires that chemically reacts with the epoxy making it more difficult to clean tire marks. This is not covered by the warranty. There are coatings options to help alleviate this.

Eagle Epoxy Floors’ liability is limited to the value of the materials and labor used to repair damage as defined by this warranty. After 2 years from the date of installation, a labor and materials charge will be defined before repairs are to take place.

Eagle Epoxy Floors is not liable for base boards. Painters are to thoroughly caulk and seal the base boards before painting. Failure to caulk properly could result in base boards warping during the cleaning process. Warped base boards and faded paint are due to substandard work and products by the painters.

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