Epoxy Floor Care

Completion Day:
The garage door will be set off the ground about 4 inches. Please leave it that way for the first night.

Next Day: 2
4 hours after completion the garage door can be completely closed

Cure Time:
For a full cure of the epoxies the floor temperature will need to be above 50 degrees for a full 72 hours. If the air temperature during the day is 60 degrees, and 40 degrees at night the concrete temperature may only be at 50 degrees for a number of hours. Please keep this in mind before using your floor.

You may walk on your floor and set items on it 36 hours after the concrete temperature has been at or above 50 degrees.

You may drive on your floor, and put heavy items back on it 72 hours after the floor temperature has been at or above 50 degrees.

Please do not clean your floor with water until 30 days after completion. The easiest way to clean your floor is to blow it out with a leaf blower, and mop it with a light dish soap. Just like washing a car you do not want to use any abrasive cleaners as they may dull the finish of the floor. Some performance tires have a softer compound in the rubber that chemically reacts with the epoxy making it more difficult to clean tire marks. This is not covered by the warranty. If this may be a concern polyurethane epoxies are more resistant to this chemical reaction. For chip floors it is not uncommon to see chips or pieces of chips about well after completion. The reason for this is that chips are randomly scattered onto the floor, and may find their way onto stem walls, in cabinets, on shelving, etc. Also, the chips do not all fall completely flat. Pieces may break off over time, and be seen loosely about.

Don’t hesitate to call us or email with any questions or concerns.

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